giovedì 9 novembre 2017


Atelier in Florence is looking for candidates for a Fashion Design internship.
The fashion Design internship will consist of pattern cutting, fabric sourcing, greeting and serving the clients.
Showroom duties.
All Design intern candidates must be proficient in cutting and sewing skills, and willing to learn in a fast-paced environment.
It is a great experience for your future. It is a great way to enter the fashion luxury and get to see beautiful hand made pieces.

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lunedì 16 ottobre 2017

Fashion merchandising internship in Florence Italy

Have you ever dreamt of being a fashion merchandiser in a young go-getting company in one of the most ancient and romantic cities of Italy?
In Florence, the cradle of the Renaissance.

Istituto Europeo can offer you an internship in one of these fashion merchandising companies based in Florence.
You will learn how to buy the major Italian fashion brands such as Valentino, Versace, Prada...and sell abroad. How to approach new clients and manage them and many other secrets of this job.

Opportunities of traveling through Italy and Europe and being hired.

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martedì 1 agosto 2017

Aprende el italiano - Aprende a conocer su mundo

foto Živilė Abrutytė Instagram

Italia es un mundo en sí mismo en el que puedes pasar de la vida cosmopolita de la ciudad a la tranquilidad de un pueblo en el que parece que el tiempo se ha detenido, en pocos kilómetros

A todos beneficia el conocimiento de idiomas


lunedì 31 luglio 2017

Speak Italian! Speak the vision of what's coming next

foto Živilė Abrutytė Instagram

Learn to speak Italian
the vision of what's coming next

"Italy is not only the piazzas and the romance. That’s not Italy – that’s an Englishman’s vision of Italy. I sort of see it more as a speculative fiction place... People wrongly believe Italy to be a backward country. Actually Italy is a vision of what’s coming.” 
(Zadie Smith - English writer)

Speak Italian! 
Speak the vision of what's coming next 

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venerdì 28 luglio 2017

Florentine company is seeking a young intern as a web evangelist

An Italian company based in Florence (Italy)
Is seeking a young intern as web evangelist
Must be clever, visionary, inspired and talented
Good at finding reasons to tell stories about their vision
And delivering their brand message

Istituto Europeo internship program in Florence a for-ever-changing-life-experience

Foto via Firenze Today

The Istituto Europeo (IE) internship program was born in 2004. Initially IE worked exclusively with American interns. After some years IE expanded the program to other countries and interns from many other countries started following and contacting IE.
Currently IE works with over three hundred Italian companies and receives interns from USA, JAPAN, AUSTRALIA, GERMANY, SPAIN, INDIA, IRAN....

The internship program is a very intense and complex program to manage. It is very similar to a puzzle in which all pieces must fit perfectly to be able to work.
In the end is such a great pleasure to see interns happy with this for-ever-changing-life-experience.

We offer internships of excellence in an unforgettable scenery: Florence.

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giovedì 6 luglio 2017

Product photography - I shoot it, they ship it!

As the digital marketplace grows, the demand for good content and eye catching media increases with it. More and more brands and entrepreneurs are taking the photography in-house to keep up with demand, while keeping production costs down.

Florentine company is looking for an intern in product photography.

Job description
About 4 - 5 days per weeks,4-6 hours shooting and editing, to shoot products. Needs to be proficient in photoshop, lightroom, etc.


Experience in product and commercial photography


Product photography and touch up
Keep studio clean and equipment organized
Image editing
File organization

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venerdì 23 giugno 2017

Communication Internship

A communications internship is the first step toward establishing a career in advertising, branding, direct marketing, promotion, publicity or public relations.

Interns usually work in a marketing company and are a part of the strategy-building process for the clients. They learn to identify the target audience and then build campaigns that will convert audiences into customers.

Candidates applying for intern positions should be dedicated, hard working, and well-versed with the basic marketing strategies.

Ready to get started? Please contact:

Ready to get started? Please contact:

Filming and Marketing Internship

A Florentine filming company is seeking interns for shooting and marketing.

Interns will be assisting with pre-production, production, post-production, marketing, script-writing, and a variety of other tasks.
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venerdì 19 maggio 2017

Internships in Mechanical Engineering


Who can apply?
Only those candidates can apply who:

- are available for full time (in-office) internship.
-are available for duration of 8/12 weeks
- are pursuing a degree in mechanical engineering
- are currently in any year of study or are recent graduates

mercoledì 19 aprile 2017

Journalism Internship in Florence - Italy

Are you seeking a career in journalism or communications?

Are you passionate about Italian lifestyle, fashion, beauty and romantic historical cities?

Then this is the internship for you.
Online magazine in Florence is looking for interns with:

- Strong research and writing skills and attention to detail and accuracy.
- Previous experience in publishing a plus.
- Excellent self-starter with the ability to work effectively independently 

venerdì 14 aprile 2017

Sustainable Architecture Internship in Florence - Italy

You will be part of a Hands on Learning process that will give you full access to the design process from start to finish.

You will be working in a team environment and be fully engaged in the design process from initial design meetings as well as seeing those designs built.

Your primary goal will be to create attractive, affordable, and comfortable buildings that do not harm the environment, either during their construction or their lifetime.



Recibirás un aprendizaje práctico y podrás acceder al proceso de diseño desde el principio hasta el final.
Trabajarás en equipo y participarás plenamente tanto en las reuniones iniciales del proyecto como en los diseños de construcción.
Tu objetivo principal será la creación de edificios atractivos, asequibles y cómodos que no dañen el medio ambiente, ni durante su construcción ni a lo largo de la vida


giovedì 6 aprile 2017

Interior design internship in Florence - Italy

Do you study interior design?
Are you a creative person?Do you often have new ideas?Do you have a creative approach to design objects?
Contact us: we offer you a multi-faceted experience in which creative and technical skills are applied within an enthusiastic environment.

An Interior design internship may be a good career move


mercoledì 5 aprile 2017

Prácticas en los mejores restaurantes de Florencia - Italia

Foto via Witaly
Realizar unas prácticas es una de las mejores opciones de preparar tu carrera en las artes culinarias.
Te ofrecemos esta gran oportunidad: prácticas en los mejores restaurantes de Florencia
Una gran ocasión para ganar una valiosa experiencia de trabajo.

No te lo puedes perder!


Internship in top restaurants in Florence - Italy

Participating in an internship is one of the best ways to prepare your career in the culinary arts.
We offer you this high level opportunity: internships in top restaurants in Florence

A great opportunity to gain valuable work experience.

Don't miss it!

lunedì 3 aprile 2017

Quality Control internship in Florence - Italy

Foto Porsche

Job Description

- Raw material receiving inspection
- Quality Systems (document control, complaint management, internal audits, calibrated tool management and Certificates of Analysis)
- New product introduction / validation support

Suitable projects will be selected based on the successful applicant's interests and qualifications.

Required qualifications: experience with Microsoft Office applications, good communication, organizational and critical thinking skills, initiative, and the ability to work independentlyGood looking
Candidates must speak (at least) one of these languages: Italian, English. German.
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martedì 17 gennaio 2017

Alejandra García: De Sevilla a Florencia pasando por el Istituto Europeo

Me llamo Alejandra, soy española, de Sevilla, y actualmente me encuentro en la ciudad de Florencia para desarrollar un periodo de prácticas en el Istituto Europeo.

¿Cómo empezó todo? Soy una persona curiosa, a la que le encanta viajar y conocer otras ciudades, otras culturas y, sobre todo, otros puntos de vista. Cuando me gradué en Periodismo por la Universidad de Sevilla, sentía que debía vivir un tiempo fuera de mi país y aprovechar para aprender lo máximo posible. Me informé sobre distintas becas que ofrecían la oportunidad de realizar unas prácticas en el extranjero y elegí Italia porque me atrae mucho su cultura y la forma de vida de su gente.

De entre las distintas ciudades y empresas donde podía trabajar, me decanté por Florencia, debido, entre otras razones, al abanico artístico que ofrece la capital Toscana.

Desde que estoy aquí, salir cada día a pasear por las calles es una experiencia. Siempre se descubre algo extraordinario: algún rincón, alguna obra de arte, alguna persona que te enseña nuevas expresiones italianas…

Ademàs de ello, tengo la suerte de poder realizar mis prácticas en el Istituto Europeo, un centro en el que puedo desarrollar lo que he aprendido en mi carrera y aumentar mi aprendizaje. Algunas de mis tareas son: escribir artículos sobre la ciudad y su cultura, grabar y editar vídeos, traducir textos, hacer entrevistas… un trabajo que me gusta y me motiva.

No sé cómo acabará esta aventura, pues acaba de empezar, pero prometo disfrutar de ella y aprender todo lo que pueda. Recomiendo a todos los curiosos que emprendan el viaje y realicen sus prácticas en una empresa que les permita hacer el trabajo que les gusta, a la vez que viven en una de las ciudades más bellas del mundo.

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lunedì 16 gennaio 2017

Da un giro a tu vida, crea tu futuro en Florencia: M13, un curso para músicos y cantantes profesionales

Estudiar música en una de las ciudades más importantes de Italia, aprender el idioma y la cultura, lograr la perfección en tu aprendizaje musical y vocal y prepararte de manera eficaz para audiciones y admisiones en las mejores escuelas y conservatorios del mundo...

¿Es tu sueño? En el departamento de Música del Istituto Europeo tenemos el curso ideal para ti: M13, un curso preparatorio para la admisión en conservatorios y escuelas de música y para audiciones profesionales.

El programa M13 consiste en una serie de cursos personalizados de música y también de lengua italiana, donde se prepara vocal y musicalmente a los alumnos para los exámenes de admisión y audiciones de cualquier institución tanto en Italia como en el extranjero. El programa tiene una duración de cuatro semanas y está compuesto por un total de 120 lecciones que imparten reconocidos cantantes y músicos.

Gracias a estos cursos, nuestros estudiantes han sido admitidos con éxito en el Conservatorio L. Cherubini en Florencia, la Escuela de Música de Fiesole, la Academia de Arte Lirica de Osimo, el Coro del Maggio Musicale Fiorentino, el Conservatorio G. Verdi de Milán y los conservatorios de Ámsterdam y Tokio.

Podrás además vivir la inolvidable experiencia de estar estudiando en Florencia, una ciudad llena de vida, historia, cultura y arte.

Si quieres dar un giro a tu vida, vivir en una de las ciudades más bellas del mundo, y cumplir tu sueño, no dudes en contactar con el Istituto Europeo.

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